Set Systems Not Goals

So this is a post completely inspired (read ripped) from a really interesting Youtube video a friend of mine sent me. It provides a really interesting perspective on how best to use and set goals, as well as a framework that allows you to take action and get positive feedback every step of the way along your journey.

So if we look at this – lets break down how this could work for music production, improving your skills, finishing and releasing that album or EP, getting more gigs and DJ sets etc... the list goes on.

In the following passage I have adapted the main message from the video and applied it to music production.

“I am a music producer – my goal is to finish this EP, but I'm not going to think about it that way. Eventually I will have enough tracks for my EP but I am not going to think of it this way. Instead, my system will be that for an hour every morning I will sit in my studio and produce music. It doesn't matter what this looks like now, I am not going to evaluate the number or quality of my tracks at this stage. What I can do is just say here is my system, an hour a day in the studio and I will do what I can trusting that the result's will follow”

I think this is a much healthier realistic approach to producing on music. No creative, no matter what their field or level of accomplishment has or will ever be able to consistently produce great results on demand without fail. So by sticking to your system, rewarding yourself for this, and watching your quantity and quality of work take care of itself, you will be happier, more motivated and most likely reach your goal much faster that by only focusing on the fact that you haven't achieved the goal yet.

This shares some similarities to installing a Cycle of Success in your work.