Sam’s mentoring and tuition has provided me with invaluable insight and practical approaches to finishing more music faster, whilst retaining great quality productions.

Sam offers a wealth of creative and technical skill, and on top of that Sam has focus on individual development for myself as an artist. His tuition program is subject to change based on the individual’s needs. Sam’s program is extremely beneficial to anyone seeking further education.
— Loui
After completing a 3 month course with Sam not only have my productions improved dramatically, but my creative process and work flow have improved dramatically as well, helping me to work more efficiently and finish more tracks.

Sam helped me to get my songs out of the dreaded ‘8 bar loop’ and turn them into completed tracks. After completing the course I am now able to apply what I have learnt to continue to grow and improve my productions on my own.
— Hamish
Sam is a great mentor and coach, he has taken me through the basics of music production in a customized environment with custom tuition based on my DJing knowledge. Highly recommend his program for anyone looking to get into music production or further their skills.
— Juan
Sam is a fucking amazing music mentor, coach and wizard...I’d been stuck for close to 5 years on how to get the music in my head out onto the computer and Sam broke down my barriers and blocks and allowed my creative juices to flow freely. Within the first week of the program I was sitting down 4 days out of 7 and actually getting beats done and the gooey satisfaction this brought me cannot be described.

By the end of the program I had integrated beat making into my daily practice and felt fully realized in my capacity to work independently to make the music I so wished to. Sam is just a total legend of a teacher and whatever your creative desire or block, he will guide you through it no worries.
— Andy
I loved the production lessons with Sam and learned a ton! He has a very holistic way of approaching music production, which I think is very effective. We covered a lot of different topics related to groove, sound palette, mix, arrangement, mindset, workflow and the creative process in general.

Whenever he explains something he focuses on the ‘how’ as well as the ‘why’, which is great. He taught me a lot of new technical skills but also always stayed focused on the bigger picture and the reason for doing things a certain way - which is what makes it stick.

Before working with him I had a lot of blind spots around my music and workflow, which I now see were really slowing down my progress. The lessons opened my ears in many ways, improved my production skills, helped me to stay focused on what’s really important in a track and simplified my workflow. I definitely recommend him as a mentor and coach!
— Anja